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About Raddion

RF design house with unique capabilities and multidisciplinary design solutions for the Telecomm, Military, Satcom and Biomedical Fields.
Challenging the common design methods with Innovative approach, exclusive knowledge and practice of advanced technologies
Key capabilities:

  • Experts in Solid state power amplifier design up to 30GHz
  • Linearization technologies
  • Efficiency Enhancement technologies
  • Complete Front-End Transceiver designs
  • Tactical communication
  • Solid state high power microwave switches (SP2T – SP4T)
  • Broad-band and high power with GaN technology
  • EMC proof design techniques
  • Wireless energy transfer.
  • Analog design

Supporting your R&D efforts with complete design solutions and testing services:
Conceptual design | RF Modules | Design to spec | Front – End Transceivers including software solutions | testing services| feasibility procedures | Turn-Key products | Prototyping


Latest News

Low PIM product for DAS

Low PIM product for DAS

Low PIM Base station power conditioning product for DAS (In- Building) goes into mass production. The product enables high power BTS to interface low power DAS equipment seamlessly.

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