Telecom | Military | Biomedical | Satcom


The Wireless cellular infrastructure market is one of the most challenging markets for RF designs. The complicated standards of 4/5G for instance, pose difficult demands on the RF hardware.
Key capabilities:

  • High linearity designs that meet EVM/ACPR requirement
  • Linearization technologies
  • TDD or FDD operation
  • High efficiency technologies
  • Multiplexing of different frequency bands
  • DAS infrastructure products
  • Low PIM products


With a proven successful track record in Land and Air-born applications, we offer our design expertise to support the industry’s special requirements:

  • Military standards
  • Harsh environmental conditions
  • Reliability and redundancy

Our proficiency in high RF power design is prominent in military applications:

  • High power SSPA’s
  • High RF power switches (SPDT, SP3T)
  • Complete RF front ends for tactical communication


We utilize a unique RF approach to implement low/high frequency RF techniques for:

  • Wireless energy transfer to implants
  • High efficiency amplifiers
  • Inductively coupled links
  • Communication with implants
  • EMI proof design

With our proven biomedical product design experience, we mitigate SAR and EMC requirements, Verification planning and safety standards that apply to biomedical electronic products.



Our custom designs for the Satcom market include high power amplifiers for the Ku and Ka bands as well as products for on the move applications.
With vast experience in microwave high frequency designs we can support high frequency environments such as 14.5GHz or 30 GHz.
We also provide a unique linearized solution for high power Satcom transmission.